CEO Time Clock

Learning that someone makes over $25,000,000 a year doesn't have quite the same effect as figuring out that they are earning around $100,000 every 8 hours. This means they earn more in one work day than 2 American middle-class families will earn in an entire year. For this visualization, I wanted to show just how fast today's highest paid CEOs are raking in the dough.

I gathered my data from Forbes' list of America's Highest Paid Chief Executives in 2012, took their total compensation (salary, stocks, etc.), and calculated how fast they earned that money if it was evenly distributed over the work year (260 days). The result is a real-time counter which shows how much money they make every second they work. I've also included the earning rates for a median U.S. household and a minimum wage worker, just to put things in perspective.